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earn money online

 YouTube also gives u money when you upload videos, that videos gives you money if the viewers visit you videos.To earn you should do this method.

                 A. upload the video on YouTube with your Google account .                  B. Select the monetize/monetization option at the uploaded video .                    C. Add title and tags(Hints about the video that will help to find it for the video searchers on the google search and YouTube also eg. Android,comedy circus etc) to the video. Amazonhas three programs , with them you can earn this are here .
                           Amazon associates pay high advertising fees to the advertiser. example 4% on electronics 12% on shoes and clothing . after you login to amazon and become the associate . you can earn with this three things  Share the Amazon products  on twitter (twitter account connected with amazon as amazon affiliate).If any viewer watch your twitter post and buy the product you get your commission d…
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